• TVS LP-44 Barcode Printer

    TVS LP-44 Barcode Printer

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    Memory 4 MB Flash and 8 MB DRAM
    Printing Method Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer
    Max. Print Length 40 inch
    Connectivity RS-232, USB 2.0
    CPU Type 32-bit RISC CPU
    Resolution 203 DPI (8 dots/mm)
    Ribbon Capacity 300 m
    Maximum Print Speed 102 inch/sec
    Brand TVS
    Model No. LP-44
    Max Outer Diameter 67 mm
    Input Voltage 200VAC
    Physical Dimension 288 x 232 x 156mm (L x W x H)
    Warranty 1 Year


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    Advantage:- The TVS Electronics LP 44 (thermal transfer) desktop label printer is a combination of robustness, performance and ergonomics for applications in retail. The printer has flexible  communication options enabling users to utilise the available ports without interfering with other connected equipment of the computer. LP 44 comes with RS-232 serial and parallel / USB (optional). The product’s ergonomic design (large ribbon capacity and dual motor) ensures reduced user fatigue and maximises comfort. LP 44 can print from 2” - 4” wide media at a speed of 4 inches per second. LP 44 is designed to withstand tough Indian POS environments where wide varying voltage and dusty conditions are a common feature - protecting the life of your investment. All this comes from a brand that has been an epitome of trust - TVS Electronics, a company that has understood the Indian retailer better than no other.

    • Dual Motor Gear :- LP 44 printer has unique dual motor gear which allows the ribbon and the media to operate on different motors. Since the movement of these is independent of each other, this ensures NO paper jams!
    • High Memory Capacity :- LP 44 printer comes with 8 MB DRAM and 4 MB flash memory that allows you to download large data and store numerous kinds of fonts and images. This improves the process efficiency remarkably.
    • High Ribbon Capacity - LP 44 printers come with a ribbon capacity of 300 M - highest in its category. It not only addresses the problem of frequent ribbon changes but also reduces standby time, critical for the retail environment. 
    • Simple to Operate :- LP 44 printers come with an easy to load media option. These printers have a closed top cover which reduces dust accumulation and any external intervention thereby making it a low maintenance product.
    • Black Mark Sensor :- LP 44 is equipped with Black Mark Sensor which makes it suitable for various applications.